“Setia” is an Indonesian word which is defined as the devotional, obedience, and consistency toward the authority or someone above us. this word also means that no matter what the situation is going, we still have resistance to keep struggling to achieve our goal in our lives.
Basic Bible for this word is on the book of Proverb 20:6 which says
” Most men will proclaim everyone his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?” (KJV)

In English word, Setia has two type of words, each word has its own definition, they are:
• Loyal, which is the word to define the relationship between man to man such as friendship, employee to the employer, or organization. a person with this type of word, usually distracted easily by other attentions.
• Faithful, which is the word to describe strong relationship, it means there is ONLY ONE the center of attention and no one or nothing else could ever take place. This relationship happen between GOD and humans.

Unfortunately, only one word that describes about these 2 words in Bahasa Indonesia eventho these words have big different meaning.
The question here is what kind of “Setia” which we have to GOD? Faithful or Loyal.
This Word looks simple but it has power to determine what would we become in the future. Be “SETIA” no matter what, Be Loyal to our master (Eph 6 :5) and Be Faithful to Almighty GOD (Proverb 20:6, Luke 12:42-44)


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