Me and Kids

Hi guys.. how you’re doing?? it’s been long time for me not giving you my updates. Actually, I have no anything to write but this time I push my self more to wirte something for you cause this year’s message for me is about self maximize to reach the dream that I’ve dreamt of.

Last year, 2012, was the tough year for me, I lost my father, I lost my job, and I failed to join the recruitment of one of prestigious companies in my hometown. those times were hard times for me, every night, in my devotion, I always come to tears. I felt like I was failure and useless. I felt really ashamed when I was hanging out with my friends and they asked me about my job, I didn’t know what I should say. There was a time that I really didn’t wanna go anywhere, I just wanna stay inside my house, in purpose to avoid that “question.”  Finally I had to push my self to get my social life again, I can’t keep my self hiding and hiding, that’s the coward thing to do. All that I needed that time was someone I could have deep talk with and GOD finally reminded me that I have a mentor, for me he’s like my own big brother, he’s a compassionate man that I have known and I think that was time for me to open my self more by talking deeper with him, I talked everything what I’d been through, everything that hold me off from all of my dreams. Since it was GOD’s lead for me to having deep talk with him, he out of no where gave solution that I been looking for, he told me that I must maximise my self more and more, right now, if I only have SmartCom Volunteering Education Program and ministry as my current project so I must maximise in those stuff more and more and finally I don’t know how, I felt GOD was working so fast that time, after my deep talking with my mentor, I got many projects that could drill or maximise my self more eventho it’s not profitable but I’m so grateful finally I got the answer.  During my hard times, I got many lessons and one of them is to maximise my self more with everything that I have eventho it’s just smallest things. When we faithful to small things, we well be trusted with the bigger things.


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