Be The Heroes!! Maybe some of us wondering about this statement, maybe some of us asking, “what kind of hero? What should we defeat?” actually to define the word hero is wide enough,for example, Professor Anies Baswedan, the pioneer of Indonesia Mengajar program, for me he is the hero especially the hero for education, once we know Ki Hajar Dewantara, but now we have Prof. Anis Baswedan who carry on his vision. I really admire this Indonesia Mengajar program by Mr. Anies which really dedicate himself to help the progression of National Education especially in remote area by disregarding any risk that could harm them such as being terrorized by the locals, get alergic with the environment, even the risk of death. The thing that really shock me is when I found out that there is a group of community in Java Island who still living in primitive way or the backwardness where as we all know that Java Island is the place where the development for all aspect has occured in Indonesia. This could answer the question about “what kind of hero ? what should we defeat?” and the answer is obviously depend what kind aspect that we could be the hero for? If we want to be the hero of the education like Prof. Anies Baswedan, the things that we should defeat  are the stupidity and the backwardness. Overall the explanation for being hero widely is being positive impact for the people around us for example, if we are the employees, we have to be good employees, have good performance at work, respect to our manager / bosss or if we are the students, we should be good students, learn diligently, respect our teachers, help our friends who have difficulties in receiving the materials of specific subjects which we are mastering of, etc. If most of us commiting our obligations,  automatically we carry on what our heroes in the past struggle for because everything is started from the smallest things.

My personal experience about my participation to be the “Indonesian Hero”, it was started when I attended the seminar which held by my homechurch in Solo,  which was held on March 22nd-23rd 2012. In that seminar, the keynote speaker was my senior pastor and he preached about be the heroes for Indonesia which means it’s time for us as the church congregation to be more active in public not just “stay inside the church”. From the seminar I was strenghten during the prayer session, I got the epiphany that for the last 5 month, I’ve been doing that stuff, it’s good start for me to participate in this “project” eventho it’s really simple.

Volunteering as English teacher is what I’ve been doing for, I was sent by the foundation where I was recruited as teacher to the Foster house in Solocity, in Mojosongo (5Km to the North from the city of Solo) area to be exact to teach English Language there and because it’s volunteering so I’m not looking for any profits in this. My vision by being the volunteer teacher is that I really want to see the young generation of Indonesia will be able to speak and understand  English Language fluently. During the class, I was challaged to be more and more patient eventho sometimes in the mid of session, I lose control but I always end it with apologize.

There was a time that I had in mind to quit to be volunteer teacher but everytime I see their face, I’m always encouraged by the compassion so till now I keep going by becoming the volunteer  teacher in the Foster house and teach them.

I had been blessed with English speaking skill and this is my opportunity to share my skill to them who need it and since English is a compulsory subject where  everyone esp students must master it so they could pass the National Examination well so I’m willing to be the facility to help them to fulfil the requirement.

It’s not an easy thing, we need to be more patient and consistent also we need oftenly asking the wisdom from the Highest to carry this mission out so our  hardwork will be productive and our charity will be accepted by the Highest.


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