Just like already explained before, New Covenant Worship is worshiping God in the Spirit and the Truth (John 4:23) and that is something that we MUST do as HIS CREATION since we are created to worship and glorify HIM. (Isaiah 43:7) because if we worship HIM in the spirit and the the truth, we can be HIS True Worshipers. In Greece, worship God in the Spirit and the Truth called “PROSKUNEO” which has similiar meaning with the worship according to the God’s favor which is the worship from the inside out.

There also will be something marvelous if we worship God with “PROSKUNEO”

Here are the details meaning about “PROSKUNEO”:

1. “Kissing”, it talks about our intimacy relationship with God. when we do the worship, we must be getting closer to the God’s presence then we will experience the personal encounter with God and amazing touch from God as well.

2. it also has a metaphor “like a dog who’s licking his master”, which means we show our excitement to the God. Our willingness to be more intimate with God.

3. “Bow Down” (Rev 4:10) it teaches us to be more humble, no matter who we are, our position, our title, etc we must disregard them all and lower our self before God.


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