Reduction that brings Victory – Judges 7 :1-7

Today is a week to be exact since my dad’s gone and to be honest from the bottom of my heart, I still can’t believe that he has already gone. I always feel that it’s too fast for him but however, God has touched my heart through the verses above and from that reading, I always get new strength from God to let him go eventhou my heart still crying about his leaving. there is always a voice from the spiritual world that there will be great plans and great promises from the Highest for me and my family. just like the reading of Scripture which told about Gideon when he had been told by God to reduce his soldiers from 32000 to 300 to go to the battlefield and at the end, Gideon and his 300 soldiers claimed the victory over the Midianites (the enemy). I believe what Gideon have experienced, I will experience it as well someday. since my dad has gone with the smile on his face, I always get new strength to let him go, however, he’s already in the peaceful place upthere with Heavenly Father. so for the second times, I say.. ” Goodbye dad.. we will see each other upthere, in Heaven, we always remember your fighting spirit, and all your taughts.. we love you dad..”


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