Favor of God Pt 2

Seems God really speak to me lately about it and I fell that it really strong and snap into my heart so that’s why I’d love to talk share it again to you guys cause I know that it would bless you so much. I was born as a person with the average intelligence; I have no any academic achievement or certificates of any competitions. I’m just very ordinary person. I just spent my whole life with something that people usually do such as when I was student, I was just going to school, then go home, and had some lunch and it became my daily activities.. I never involved myself into some projects, like when I as in college, some of my friends joined an IT seminars since IT was my major in college, and also joined some IT projects during the semester breaks but I was spending my time by hanging out and stay at home all the times and there’s nothing I did to distract myself from useless things. I was failing in 3rd grade of elementary school, my parents always got stressed out whenever they wanted to take my academic report, my grades when I was graduated were so average, and my teachers from elementary school till senior high school had same judgment about me that I was hopeless and I started to worry about my future, what would I be then.. I was clueless, I was LOST. Then there was a time God led me through the darkest time of my life.. Since my brother had introduced me about the Movement to make a history of Changes but I wasn’t interested at all before, I was thinking that it was wasting alot of times. Then God was touching my heart and encouraged me to join the Movement. I saw the diligences and loyalties of my brother during the activities of the Movement had encouraged me to take a step by joining the Movement. During the events of the movement, God really educated to determine my path’s life in the future, I asked God to guide me. Last year, God really educated me continuously. The Conflict with my spiritual leader who  involved my family since they were mocking with some inappropriate words, and also Bomb blast at  Church, and also at the end of the year, my alumni college had to be merged with the other university because unreasonable reasons from the leader who said “the God’s vision was changed” last year was teaching me to forgive and let go no matter what and this year,  what I’ve been through during at work with IT team had taught me to be faithful in few things just like the scripture said. From all the experiences, this movement had taught me to deal with the life’s challenge that happened and would be happening in the future and also I was taught to determine my next path by asking God’s message or Rhema. I’m so grateful today, during my trials, God still give me opportunity to achieve and be blessing to many people through the job I’ve been given. I’m also thankful to God because I have parents who always care for me, pray for me, and encourage me. Now, there’s nothing I can say but Thx God for the most valuable favor You have given me.


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