Favor of the Lord – Genesis 6:8

yeaaahhh the favor of the Lord, that’s what I experienced lately. it started after I was announced that I was passed the defending presentation of my thesis last July 2011, my young brother was delivering the message from the leader of the Christianity movement that I’ve been joining for the last 2 years that I got job offer as Programer since I took IT as my major in college. I was doubtful at first because I have no skill as a programmer eventhou that was my major in college for the past 4 years. I always said that being in IT major was a mistake that I made since I cannot master it. I refused before  but then my brother keep convincing me to take it at least for three month training. then  finally, I took the step by taking the offer. my doubt had thrown me into the worst interview ever with my IT manager. then for 3 month I was having my training session and to be honest I didn’t have any progress because to be honest being in IT wasn’t my passion. Finally, after 3 month being trainee, my manager told me that he could not use me as one of IT team anymore due to the progress that I hadn’t made yet and he would give the decision to the director of the company whether I still can work in the company or not. I was thinking that before I would be kicked out, it would be better if I tender to resign first. I wrote my resignation and sent it to my director. then he asked me to come and talk face to face. he asked me not to resign and he transferred me to another department as publisher which actually I have a passion to. I was very grateful about it and I unstoppably be thanking to GOD for this gold opportunity in my career and I promise I will do my best for it. I remember the scripture that describe about 5-2-1 talents on the book of Mathew 25: 14-28, and on verse 21 said “…You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in the charge of many things…” from this experience, I learned about being faithful to few things and favor of GOD. God bless everyone.. 😉Image


2 responses to “Favor of the Lord – Genesis 6:8

  1. the key is obey.. 🙂
    ketika kita taat ada di jalannya Tuhan, meskipun kita ada kesalahan, akhirnya tangan Tuhan sendiri yang membenarkan. Asal sikap hati kita benar, Tuhan pasti beri yang terbaik.
    Semangat mas, kerjakan suatu yang baru dan lebih besar. GBU 😀

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